"There are two mosaics. The first is the life that you create and live. When it’s finished, that life is placed into a greater mosaic. The one where everything goes at the end."

i wish i knew
him at 16

the shotgun bedouin
gambled kismet
as anonymous
as roulette

part prairie
part peregrine

the Irish in Andalusia, Scherezade Siobhan© (via viperslang)
"My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn’t go as planned, and that’s okay."
Rachel Wolchin (via ojiru)

love that 

smears my eyesight

beautiful things

are all around me and most

have nothing to do with me

just right

kiss of the crisp of something

alive and transforming


you wake up you are like the pyramids

this morning

so scalded size

keep it strong and containing, waiting

for the day when we are 



your oscillating kind of mind.

home in where your shoulders are meeting

are we leaving?

you quite asleep and something wet

like portrait

thesis ground me

out poetry,

these grids aren’t where I 

left them

wonder which branches

would have kept my life as buds its

ever-growing children all of my moments


friend things

and the thinks 

I surround myself with

glitter my eyes with wonder what

my mothers cooking